About Michael

Michael Krauthamer is an experienced professional in the energy, cleantech, and real estate development industries. Michael credits his success to his ability to seize and make the most of opportunities by leveraging commercial, regulatory, and legal experience with an outgoing personality, independence, technical skills, and creativity.

An attorney by training, Michael specializes in:

  • Developing and implementing commercially-viable cleantech products and services such as electric vehicle charging and battery storage;
  • Advising clients on the electric vehicle charging landscape as well as wholesale and retail power markets; and
  • Promoting and advocating before local, state, and federal regulatory organizations for renewable energy policies and infrastructure.

Michael was an early hire at EVgo, the owner/operator of the largest public electric vehicle fast-charging network in America. At EVgo, Michael was the national policy director and developed the company’s first expansion market, which includes dozens of high-speed charging locations in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Michael writes a blog about electric vehicles and clean energy, and is also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

To discuss opportunities to work together, please email Michael using the form below.